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Functions and features of DOG GPS X20


All Dogtrace DOG GPS tracking systems allow tracking dogs up to 20 km. To ensure the highest possible range, we use high-tech LoRa (Long Range) radio signal modulation technology.

Up to 9 dogs

The DOG GPS X20 series tracking device allows you to track up to 9 devices from one receiver. The tracked devices can be transmitters (dog collars), other hunters´ receivers (handheld devices), and also waypoints – your stored positions.

BEEPER - run/point

A function specially designed for hunting that can detect whether the dog is standing or moving. The setting of this function is determined by the type of hunt – bird hunting or wild boar hunting. 7 modes with different indications (vibration, sound, flashing) can be selected.

FENCE - circle

It serves as an acoustic boundary that alerts you when a dog exceeds a distance you specify. The perimeter around the receiver (handheld device) can be adjusted within a radius of 30 m to 2 km. If the dog exceeds the set limit, the receiver will emit an intermittent beep.


A function that allows you to save the GPS coordinates of the location where the receiver (handheld device) is currently located. You can navigate to the saved point later. Storage of current positions and important places.


A simple yet very important function that determines the direction to the north. On the top of the large backlit LCD display, you can find the N symbol which indicates the direction of the magnetic north. If two arrows are lit at the same time, the direction to the north is between them.


Both the receiver and the transmitter have a rechargeable battery with a very long life built in – more than 40 hours of operation. Charging the receiver and transmitter at the same time is provided by a dual power adapter with USB cables and clips that are identical for all DOG GPS models.

100% waterproof

All DOG GPS models are highly durable and perfectly waterproof. Thanks to that you do not have to worry if your receiver (handheld device) or transmitter (collar on the dog´s neck) falls into the water.

Basic specification of the DOG GPS X20

The professional DOG GPS X20 device is used to locate dogs at distances up to 20 km and can locate up to 9 different devices simultaneously. The tracking device consists of a transmitter which is placed on the dog´s collar and a receiver (handheld device) on which the handler can see the distance and direction to the location of dogs, other hunters, or waypoints. Practical and intuitive operation.

RF technology, LoRa and GLONASS

The transmitter obtains its position from GPS satellites and uses a radio frequency (RF) signal to transmit the position information to the handler´s receiver. To ensure the highest possible range, we use the latest low-power LoRa™ (Long Range) radio signal modulation technology. GLONASS is a global satellite navigation system designed for fast navigation with an unlimited number of users.

The smallest GPS collar on the market

The transmitter (collar) is the smallest and lightest of its kind. This will ensure your dog´s comfort at all times while wearing it. The transmitter and receiver are 100% waterproof and very durable. The high-quality external RF antenna is made from flexible and lightweight material.

Perfect for hunting

Thanks to the cooperation with Czech and foreign hunters, the functions are especially suited to the needs for hunting. The handheld device with quick start is made from high-quality materials. It is 100% waterproof and shockproof.

  • Complete portfolio DOG GPS
  • DOG GPS X20 features
  • Pairing transmitter with receiver
  • Digital compass calibration

Up to 9 devices always at hand

  • Device allows tracking dogs at a distance up to 20 km. The range between devices varies due to external factors such as terrain, vegetation density, and other factors.
  • In direct line-of-sight between the receiver and the transmitter, the range can reach above 20 km, while in hilly terrain with dense forest the range naturally decreases.
  • Up to 9 devices can be tracked from a single receiver. Transmitters, receivers of other hunters, and also waypoints can be freely stored in 9 positions - subsequent navigation to these points.
Up to 9 devices always at hand
Everything at a glance

Everything at a glance

On the large backlit LCD display.

  1. Compass - direction to the magnetic north
  2. Accurate GPS receiver position
  3. Main navigation panel
  4. Strength of received RF signal
  5. Receiver battery status
  6. Selected paired transmitter number
  7. Transmitter battery status
  8. Number of the next paired transmitter
  9. Next transmitter battery status

Durable 100% waterproof

Flexible plastic collar with perfectly waterproof transmitter.

  • Both the receiver and transmitter have a built-in rechargeable battery with long life - more than 40 hours of operation
  • Charging takes about 3 hours
  • Both devices can be recharged at the same time
Durable 100% waterproof
Modern technology - No fees

Modern technology - No fees

  • High-tech GLONASS GPS technology with high sensitivity is used in both receiver and transmitter
  • LoRa technology at your service, wireless data transmission with the lowest possible power consumption
  • No fees. No SIM card or additional device operating costs

BEEPER function

Is the dog moving or standing? A function that is mainly used by hunters. The setting is determined by the type of hunting - bird hunting or wild boar hunting. BEEPER function can be set for up to 4 dogs at the same time.

FENCE function

Alerts you when the dog crosses the borders of the circular area you have defined. The border is adjustable within a radius of 30 m - 2 km from the receiver (handheld device). The circular fence can be activated for multiple dogs, the settings are saved for each dog separately.

BEEPER function


The bodywork and electronics in the car can affect the function of the digital compass in the receiver - the direction to the tracked dog may not be displayed correctly. When CAR mode is activated, the direction to the dog is not determined by the digital compass, but by the change in position of the GPS receiver.


The WAYPOINT function allows you to save the GPS coordinates of the location where the receiver (handheld device) is currently located. You can later return to the saved point using navigation.

Upgrade - Phone control

Take advantage of the DOG GPS X30´s wireless connectivity to your mobile phone or tablet.

  • App for Android and iOS
  • Use the app to control your device
  • Set functions and their parameters, which are then synchronized with the GPS receiver settings

DOG GPS X30 series    Dogtrace GPS app

Upgrade - Phone control

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