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Functions and features of d‑control AQUA spray collars

Acoustic Signal

It enables to activate tone in the receiver, the intensity of which the dog always perceives the same, regardless of the distance from the dog handler. It can replace the whistle and is a very effective warning before sending a pacing command. Acoustic signal is a basic feature in all products.

Spray Stimulation

It enables activation of alerts in the receiver at several levels in the form of an unpleasant cooling spray which is directed at the dog’s nose. Spray cartridges are available with or without scent.


Vibration allows you to trigger vibrations in the receiver in several modes. This feature has been designed as an alternative way of communicating for dogs who suffer from hearing impairment or to train dogs that are oversensitive to the stimulating impulse. It can also be used to attract attention to the master or as dog's commendation for proper fulfilment of the command.

The d-control 300/900 AQUA spray training collar is an effective aid for training not just more sensitive dogs. The AQUA spray training collar aids you to carry out humanely corrections of undesirable behaviour at the right time at distances up to 300/900 m (depending on the model).

The main function of this device is spray stimulation in the form of an unpleasant cooling spray, which is directed at the dog’s nose. Essentially, the sound itself, emitted when using the spray, is sufficient impulse to distract the dog from inappropriate behaviour. Spray cartridges are available with or without the lemongrass or lavender scent. Other possible corrections are acoustic signal and vibration.

General features:

  • Range up to 300/900 m (depending on the model)
  • Acoustic signal function
  • Short (5 levels) and long (10 levels) spray stimulation
  • Large spray cartridge – up to 300 spray stimulations per fill
  • Vibration stimulation
  • Adjustable multifunction push button
  • Option of training two dogs at the same time
  • Transmitter with LCD display

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