We are happy to introduce our new product, the electronic invisible dog fence system – d-fence 6th SENSE

After a plenty of uncountable work hours we can finally say that we came up with an exclusive product with several unique features.

  • Modern design with backlit LCD display and touch control
  • A rechargeable, back-up battery pack is able to provide up to sixteen hours of run time for the transmitter unit during a power outage
  • The width of both the warning and the correction zones can be set easily on the transmitter unit. Both zones have range settings from 0 to 10 m
  • Both zones are independent of each other making it possible to set either the warning zone or the correction zone
  • Symmetrical feed antenna wire providing even signal distribution around the entire wire installation
  • Continues measuring and testing of the antenna wire
  • For installations up to 2 200 m
  • Waterproof receiver with battery life up to six months
  • It is possible to useunlimited number of receivers
  • Non-contact magnetic switch for changing the receiver modes
  • Eight levels of stimulation impulses
  • Function ISIT - Interference Signal Intensity Test


The electronic invisible fence d-fence is a modern, safe and highly effective system that enables you to define the boundaries for your dog’s free movement very quickly and easily. This system offers an ideal solution in cases, when your dog does not respect the standard fence and keeps running away from your property, or if you need to demarcate an area within your property and you want your dog to keep out of this area, e.g. a children’s sandpit, a swimming pool, decorative garden beds etc. It is also very easy to install this device in places where it is impossible to use an ordinary fence.





The Dogtrace range of electronic dog training equipment is designed to give you more in terms of quality and performance, and to give you extra peace of mind they come with an extended warranty for three years, simply by registering on-line.

The Dogtrace Extended Warranty is a free one year extension to the 2 year standard warranty. It is only available for electronic Dogtrace products registered online (within 90 days of purchase).

You can register your product online at www.dogtrace.com/en/warranty - simply complete the form with all the correct details and you will receive an email with a confirmation of successful product registration for the DOGTRACE Three-year Extended Warranty.

This offer is valid for all new electronic Dogtrace products purchased from the 1 st of May 2012.
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