Frequently Asked Qustions – DOGTRACE Three-year Extended Warranty

What is the DOGTRACE Three-year Extended Warranty?

This is an extension to the 2 year standard warranty. It is only available for Dogtrace electronic devices registered online.


Is the Extended Warranty free of charge?

The extended warranty is a free extension to the standard Dogtrace 2 year warranty. This does not affect your statutory rights.


Will the Extended Warranty be included for all tools?

The extended warranty is available for all Dogtrace electronic devices registered online within 90 days of purchase.


What is not covered by the Extended Warranty?

Accessories, attachments, batteries, chargers are not included in the extended warranty. These are all carry the standard 2 year warranty

How do I register my Dogtrace product?

You can register your product online at - simply complete the form with all the correct details and you will receive an email with the confirmation of product registration.


How soon must I register my Dogtrace product?

You must register your tool within 90 days of the purchase date.


Can I still register my Dogtrace product after 90 days?

No, after 90 days of the purchase date you are no longer able to register for the Extended Warranty. However, the standard 2 year warranty will apply.


Is the sales receipt required as proof of purchase?

Yes, you will be required to keep your sales receipt for registration purposes and for making a warranty claim. Only this receipt provides accurate information of the Dogtrace product purchase date.


How do I make an Extended Warranty claim?

To make a claim you will need to take or send your Dogtrace product, sales receipt and warranty certificate to the officially authorised seller. If your seller did not certify your Certificate of Warranty the sales receipt is sufficient proof of the purchase.


Do I need to register all my Dogtrace products individually?



Must I re-enter all personal details and complete the form each time?

Yes. Unfortunataly the system is not able to remember all your personal details.


From which date will my warranty commence from?

The warranty commences from the date your Dogtrace product was purchased.


Am I still entitled to a warranty claim without registering for the Extended Warranty?

Yes, you will still be entitled to the 2 year standard warranty. However the extended warranty is only available if you have registered online.


If my Dogtrace product has more than one serial number, do I have to enter all serial numbers?

Yes, some of the Dogtrace products have more than one serial numbers, for example one serial number on the transmitter and different serial number on the receiver.


Where will I find the serial number on my Dogtrace product?

Every Dogtrace product has its own serial number which can be found on the sticker, which is located somewhere on the actual device. You can also find the serial numbers on the last page of the manual (Service instructions). Please see below for an example: